Demons Are Getting Slain In 2019 Doom Eternal

Demons Are Getting Slain In 2019

There are some great shooters coming in 2019, but for me, the big deal and the one I am really hyped for is Doom Eternal.

I love Doom and even I was not expecting the reboot to be as awesome as it was. Doom Eternal is the sequel and it appears to be doing what most good sequels do. That is give us more of the same, but kicking things up sever notches.

One of the things that I think looks really cool about Doom Eternal is the grappling hook mechanic. You already feel like an unstoppable badass (well unless you get swarmed or play on the higher difficulty) and being able to zip around the map like you are freaking Batman is going to be great. Not just for the combat, but I think they will also use the grappling hook to create some tricky puzzles and platforming sections.

The game is set on Earth which has been overrun by demons, there was also that rumor that heaven would have some part to play in Doom Eternal. I for one think this sounds very interesting and it would certainly be something I would love to see from a story point of view. While there are some cool new looking demons in the game, some of our old favorites are returning and they have been given a horrific makeover.

I really wish the folks at Bethesda would be a little more open with what is going on with Doom Eternal as they have not been all that forthcoming when it comes to news on the game, but without a doubt, Doom Eternal is one of my most wanted games of 2019.

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