Battlefield V Microtransactions Are Nearly Here

Battlefield V Microtransactions Are Nearly Here

EA may have claimed that the reason they did not have Microtransactions in Battlefield V was that they wanted players to just “experience” the game. However, we all know they held off from them due to the backlash they got with what they tried to pull with Star Wars Battlefront II.

Well as I write this the Microtransactions are just a few weeks away. You can on some sites, pre-order your Battlefield V currency already. It looks like it is going to be priced at 4.99 for 500 currency and go all the way up to 49.99 for 6,00 currency. I am not a fan of Microtransactions, but these prices are in line with what other games are charging.

EA has stated that the Microtransactions will not be allowed to purchase anything that will give players an advantage in battle. I think this is a good thing as it was one of the things that many players felt was unfair about Star Wars Battlefront II.

Company Coin is still going to be in the game. You can earn this by playing the game, doing daily challenges as well as taking part in special missions that are going to be coming. This means you can still get some cosmetic items without spending any money. So if you are down for the grind, you can get some of what you want without having to open your wallet.

I will not be too harsh on the folks at EA for this one. Most shooters these days have Microtransactions and we all knew that they were coming to Battlefield at some point. At least they are just for cosmetics so at the end of the day if you do not want to spend any more money it is not going to affect your experience.

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