Star Wars Battlefront II A Year Later

Star Wars Battlefront II A Year Later

I am a huge Star Wars fan and play most of the games. When DICE rebooted the Battlefront series I was excited. Even though that first game was a rather bare-bones experience, I had fun with it. Battlefront II though looked like it was going to be awesome….. then just before release rumblings started.

Battlefront II came out a little over a year ago and I thought it would be fun to look back on it. It was one of my most wanted games of 2017. However just before release when sites were giving review copies. Word started getting around about how messed up the progression and unlocking system was. Some guy worked out that to unlock a character like Darth Vader you were looking at 40 hours of gameplay! Add to this the crazy loot box system where items that can give you an edge in battle were and Battlefront II felt like a game that was all about getting more money out of you.

I cannot think of another game that was dragged over the coals as much as Battlefront II was for its unfair policy in regards to Microtransactions. Locking some of the most popular characters behind a paywall sucked!

It was a damn shame too because Battlefront II is a fun game. The single player story mode was a blast and something that I really enjoyed. The game looks phenomenal and still is one of the best looking first person shooters around and the new game modes were all a lot of fun to play too.

EA and DICE did change things so that the progression was much better, the DLC was free and they have added a ton of content to the game since it launched. They have tried to do the right thing, but they only did this because they had no choice. I cannot think of another triple-A game that had this much of a negative response. It was so bad that there were memes going around saying that EA was so greedy and screwed up so bad that the broke the industry!

I think that Star Wars Battlefront II is a great game if you love Star Wars and it is a solid shooter even if you are just a passing fan. I have found that it is possible to have a great time with the game, without spending any money. It will be interesting to see if we get a Battlefront III in 2019 after the controversy this one had.

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