Void Arena Will Be An RPG With No Levels Or Skill Points

It’s no secret that RPGs have certain standard mechanics when it comes to gameplay, but developer High Level Studios is looking to buck that trend with its new title Void Arena, an RPG that will not have character leveling up or skill points.

Those familiar with RPGs, whether they’re Western or JRPGs, know that a core part of the gameplay loop for these titles is having your character/s complete different tasks or quests to gain more experience and level up. By leveling up, you’re able to make your characters stronger and they can usually gain access to better equipment and abilities as they advance. Changing this progression scale would really shake the RPG genre up, and that’s exactly what High Level Studios is aiming to do.

“One of the core pillars of our game is ‘unique progression experiences’,” Sad_Gandalf, owner and operator of High Level Studios, said in an interview with TechRaptor. “Something that we are really after is making your decisions feel as if they are directly driving the growth of your character. With this said, we veered away from a path where your character’s main form of progression was dictated by some arbitrary numbers in a spreadsheet. Instead, your character progresses mainly through exploring the world and learning new skills while also both finding powerful gear and the materials necessary to create it themselves.”

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